Performance tuning is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. Many people can write applications; few can write software that’s scalable and performs well as data volume and user numbers increase.

Clearly, the system must produce correct results but it also has to be usable and this consideration is often left until late in the project life-cycle.

Clients typically try to resolve the issue by increasing spending on hardware but often the problem lies with the application, the database or a combination of the two.

Hamilton IT Ltd has a wealth of experience in tuning applications of various types. The earlier in the project life-cycle tuning is considered, the better, but we have had huge success in trouble-shooting applications after they have entered the test phase or have gone live.

Application Tuning

Sometimes the issue lies with the structure of the system or the way the business process is defined. Analysing and improving the core of the application can often pay huge dividends.

SQL Tuning

The database structure or the way it is utilised is the most likely cause of performance issues. Hamilton IT has achieved massive speed improvements by tuning database access.