Redlands School Catchment Map

Redlands is one of the most popular schools in Reading and unfortunately doesn't have the capacity to take all the children in catchment

To clarify, in most years you need to live within catchment (Gray area) AND the green circle to get a place at Redlands Primary School

2017 (0.414 Miles)
2016 (0.458 Miles)
2015 (0.167 Miles)
2014 (0.184 Miles)
2013 (0.196 Miles)
2012 (Bulge Year - All in Catchment got place)
2011 (0.250 Miles)
2010 (0.416 Miles)
2009 (0.508 Miles)
2008 (0.481 Miles)
2007 (All in catchment got a space. This circle is for out of catchment)

DISCLAIMER: This site is correct to the best of our knowledge but we always suggest checking with Redlands to obtain up-to-date information. The school may not be centred exactly in the right place so the edges of the circles are 'approximate'