Pass The Pigs Rules And Scoring

Pass The Pigs is a game for 2 or more players. Players throw 2 model pigs and score points depending on how they land.
Rules and Instructions on how to play Pass The Pigs are below, as is a list of point scoring ‘throws’

How To Play ‘Pass The Pigs’

If you’ve ever wondered how to play Pass the Pigs, look no further: This page has Pass the Pigs rules, scoring and extended versions/ Have fun !

To throw the pigs and score as many points in one turn as you can.
The first player to score 100 points is the winner.

Pass The Pigs Rules – Part 1

1. Remove the cover of the scorepad. This is to be used as a quick reference score chart during play.

2. One player is appointed the “swineherd” and is in charge of marking the individual scores onto the scorepad.

3. Choose a player to go first. On your turn, toss both pigs simultaneously into the air. How did they land? At the end of your turn, the swineherd records your score and you pass the pigs to the next player.

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Pass The Pigs Point Scores And Scoring

If you roll a... You will get... If you roll a... You will get...
Razorback 5 points Double Razorback 20 points
Trotter 5 points Double Trotter 20 points
Snouter 10 points Double Snouter 40 points
Leaning Jowler 15 points Double Leaning Jowler 60 points
Pig Out 0 points Sider Or 1 point
Oinker Back to zero Mixed Combo Combined score

How To Win At Pass The Pigs

The first player to score 100 points wins the game!

Pass The Pigs Rules – Part 2

Once you have noted the score for your throw you must decide whether to be a “Pig-head” and continue for more points, or to quit while you’re ahead.

Remember, if you go for more points you take the chance of throwing a “Pig Out” and losing all your points. Will the pigs be lucky for you?

You can take as many turns as you dare until either:
1. You decide to stop and record your total score for that turn.
2. You throw a “Pig Out” and score “0” for that round.
3. You throw an “Oinker” and lose all your points accumulated in the game so far.

Pass The Pigs Version II Rules (For Pig Fanatics)

Play the game in the same way as described earlier. When players have scored 20 points or more they may choose to “Hog Call”. The “Hog Caller” predicts what position the pigs will land in. Note: Hog Calls can only be made by players who are not throwing the pigs!

To make a Hog Call, first you must shout “Sooee”, before the pigs are thrown by another player. The first player to shout is the one to Hog Call for this round.

If you Hog Call correctly:
Earn double the number of points scored for that throw. At the same time the throwing player subtracts double the points from his total. (A player can never go below zero.)

If you make a bad Hog Call:
You subtract double the number of points scored. This time the throwing player earns double the points.

The player throwing the pigs retains possession until either he decides to stop or he throws a Pig Out or an Oinker as in the basic rules.