Microsoft Security Essentials – Error Updating Definitions – 0x80072ee2

If you have problems updating your definition file for Microsoft Security Essentials and it fails with a timeout error  (0x80072ee2) it could well because your PC needs to connect via a proxy server

The steps I followed to resolve this were

1) Set up IE to use the correct proxy server

2) Run CMD as an adminstrator

3) Type the command ‘netsh’

4) Type the command ‘winhttp’

5) Type the command ‘import proxy source=ie’

6) You may need to reboot at this point


This will use the proxy settings for Internet Explorer when performing Security Essentials updates (also applies to windows updates)

DISCLAIMER: This worked for me but no guarantees about any other effects this may cause. Also if your proxy server changes or you connect your PC e.g. at home then you may need to redo the above steps



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